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Supporting Environmental Stewardship Through STEM Education
Welcome to the Home of The Thunder Bay River Watershed Project
The Thunder Bay River Watershed Project is a Place-based Educational Experience where the students are involved in researching real ecological problems caused be invasive species on our local watershed. 
Project Goals:
         Creating a continuing record of data of the Thunder Bay River Watershed by testing the biotic and abiotic indicators in the river’s ecosystem.
         Understanding how invasive species affect the health of the water shed and disrupting the food web.
         Using data and observations collect while monitoring our own sites, the students create their own research project

Our project began with one teacher, twenty-four students and a few community partners. Our success has allowed our project to grow to twenty-two teachers, seven hundred-fifty students, and thirty-five community partners.  Our project has supplied training, materials, and transportation for: Rodger City Public School, Hillman Public Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, Alcona Public Schools, Bingham Arts Academy, All-Saints Catholic School, and Alpena Public Schools. Our community partners range across the country from Massachusetts to California. We are making life changing impacts on our students. Our project is not only sustaining itself and having a direct impact on students and the community, but we have now come full circle in becoming a community partner for other educational projects. But the greatest benefit of connecting stewardship to the classroom is getting the students outside and they start thinking for themselves. Students begin to see school as an opportunity and not just something you have to get through.


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